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Ben Hovey Lends his Funky Horn to Mooged-Out At MoDaddy’s Bele Chere After Party

For any of you who attended “Enter the Mind of Moog: Bob’s Birthday Celebration” in May, you’ll remember one of the highlights of the evening being Ben Hovey waling on his trumpet while simultaneously playing the Little Phatty. No doubt about it, Ben is a mean funk player who puts his heart and soul in to every note.

Ben plays with “Wormholes, Trumpets, and Funk”. Fusing function and form, this sonic scientist, an undeniable gear-head, has daisy chained his musical styling as “electro-soul.” Building a funky foundation of break beats, erecting walls of sound with his synthesizers, and illuminating the spot with hot live brass, he makes House into a Home. But Ben doesn’t stop there. He makes the musical rounds and plays with the Asheville Horns, the Booty Band, the Josh Phillips Folk Festival and Kevens.

Like many of the musicians who lend the Bob Moog Foundation their mighty talents, Ben has a very deep connection to the Moog Legacy.

“I’ve felt an inspiring connection with Bob since first bringing home a Moog Rogue synthesizer around 10 years ago. In learning about him over the years I have come to deeply respect his kind and humble character, genius, and amazing sonic inventions. When he passed, I felt as if I lost a close family member, even though I had never met him. The day after, I went to the local music store to play the Minimoog Voyager for several hours in deep meditation and felt his guiding presence in the “voyage”. I have had many synchronistic experiences with Bob since then and followed an intuitive calling to move to Asheville, work at Moog Music, and help to carry on his legacy. It is an incredible honor to participate in the Bob Moog Foundation benefit concerts, and to share in the love and admiration with other artists who feel a similar bond. THANK YOU BOB!!”

You can follow Ben at Come check out his amazing skills at our Mooged-Out at MoDaddy’s event tomorrow night, July 25th, from 10pm-2am. Tickets are $5 and all proceeds go to beneift the Bob Moog Foundations Moogseum effort. Give MoDaddy’s a call to reserve tickets 828-258-1550 or get tickets at the door at 77 Biltmore Avenue, Asheville, NC.

Chris Tanfield Rocks the Theremin at Mooged-Out at MoDaddy’s Bele Chere After Party

Chris Tanfield has been playing his Theremin all over the southeast since 2003 as a member of Silver Machine, The Royal We, and The Morsels, as well as special guest in several other bands. He has appeared at area festivals such as Bele Chere and LEAF, on Asheville’s URTV cable channel and music venues all over the Southeast.

Chris dazzles people with his theremin skills wherever he goes, as he combines musicianship and expressiveness to create a mesmerizing performance. His history with this unique instrument runs deep, as he tells it:

“My relationship with Dr. Moog and Moog Music goes back to the late 1990’s. I first saw a theremin at UNCA music department, thanks to Dr. Wayne Kirby, and was immediately fascinated with it. Soon after that, I began working part-time at Dr.Moog’s factory building theremins. In the year so follow, I must have built, tested and played a few thousand Etherwave Theremins for Moog Music, as well as demonstrating the instrument at NAMM shows and conventions. This is where I honed my technique on the instrument and became familiar with many of its possibilities and quirks.”

“When The Moog Foundation began appearing at music festivals and venues, it was only natural that I would want to get involved, demonstrating and playing the theremin, writing and performing music, and collaborating with some of Asheville’s amazing talent at ‘Mooged-Out” events and recording sessions.”

“I’m so psyched about the upcoming show at MoDaddy’s. Like many Moog events, it will feature some of Asheville’s greatest talents on the same stage. We are collaborating on new music and old, and the mood is creative and exciting! We’ve formed a new band called “The Adapters”, which first appeared at Enter the Mind of Moog: Bob’s 75th birthday celebration. We have a fresh, new, sexy, ethereal sound mix featuring the sweet female voice of Molly Kummerle, theremin, cello, keys, guitar, and drums. Of course Dave Hamilton will be ‘mooging-out’ our sound as well.”

It is a thrill and an honor to create and collaborate with the Bob Moog Foundation and all of the musicians and performers involved. My thanks to everyone at the Bob Moog Foundation for putting together these events.

Mooged-Out at MoDaddy’s:Bele Chere After Party takes place Saturday, July 25, 2009 from 10-2pm. MoDaddy’s is located two doors down from the Orange Peel at 77 Biltmore Avenue, Asheville, NC. Call (828) 258-1550 for tickets.

Upcoming Museum Exhibit Features Bob Moog’s Archives

Who: The Bob Moog Foundation & The Museum of Making Music

What: Waves of Inspiration.  The Legacy of Moog.  An exhibit, interactive engagement and opening weekend of performances by Keith Emerson and Erik Norlander.

When: August 28-30, 2009

Where: Carlsbad, CA

Formal Announcement

The Bob Moog Foundation and the Museum of Making Music proudly announce their upcoming exhibition Waves of Inspiration. The Legacy of Moog, which will run at the museum from August 29, 2009 through April 30, 2010. The exhibit marks the first of its kind as it will feature many artifacts from the Bob Moog Archives that have never before been shared with the public, including rare photographs, instruments, schematics, project notes, breadboard prototypes, vintage catalogs and other memorabilia.

The exhibit will also include many artifacts from other private collections including the Moog Modular prototype previously owned by Herb Deutsch, a full Moog Modular IIIC and a working and extremely rare Eaton-Moog Multi-Touch Sensitive Keyboard loaned by avant garde opera composer John Eaton. Of particular note, Keith Emerson’s (Emerson, Lake and Palmer) custom built “Monster Moog” synthesizer will be displayed for the first month of the exhibition along with notes and schematics from Bob’s archives regarding the instrument.

Pictures from Bob Moog’s Archives

Hand-drawn schematic Bob created for Emerson's "Master Module"

Hand-drawn schematic Bob created for Emerson's "Master Module" (Click the image to see a larger version where you'll Keith's name written on the top left corner!)

Keyboard (Bob Moog's Archives)

Keyboard prototype from Bob Moog's Archives

Tatiana Sezinenko_Carolyn Grant_Brian Kehew examine Bob's 1954 Schematic for RAM, Co Theremin

Tatiana Sezinenko, Carolyn Grant and Brian Kehew examine Bob's 1954 Schematic for Robert A. Moog Co. Theremin

Crumar Spirit Serial #0001

Crumar Spirit Serial #0001 found in Bob's Workshop

Handwritten Labels on a Prototype Pedal from Bob's Archives

Notice the hand-drawn labels on this prototype controller


While the exhibit highlights Bob’s career, motivations and philosophies, it will also examine the role of the many collaborators who helped shape the sound and design of Moog instruments including Herb Deutsch, Jon Weiss, Chris Swansen, David Borden, Wendy Carlos, Vladimir Ussachevsky, Joel Chadabe, Bill Hemsath, Keith Emerson and John Eaton. Of particular interest will be the exploration of the relationship between the toolmaker and the musician, the evolution of Moog instruments and their application in live performance.

The exhibit will feature an interactive station where attendees can play Moog instruments, many of which are being loaned by Moog Music, Inc.

The opening weekend of the exhibit (August 28-30) will include intimate musical performances by Keith Emerson and Erik Norlander, whose appearance together represents the Moog Legacy being handed down from one generation of musician to the next.   Also scheduled are talks by pioneering synthesist Larry Fast and Moog historian Brian Kehew.

Monthly programming will continue through the seven month durations of the exhibition. Announcements of that programming will be forthcoming.

About the Exhibit Partners

The Museum of Making Music, a division of the NAMM Foundation, is a small museum located 35 miles north of San Diego. The museum is dedicated to the exploration of the multifaceted history of the American music products industry from its beginnings in the 1890s to today. The Bob Moog Foundation has been planning this exhibit for almost two years with the museum’s Executive Director, Carolyn Grant and Curator, Tatiana Sezinenko. Moog historian Brian Kehew has been involved as the consultant for the exhibit and is responsible for introducing the two parties at Winter NAMM 2008.

Here at the Foundation we regard Bob’s archives as a fascinating testament to history, innovation, and a lifetime of perseverance. Since retrieving the archives from unstable storage conditions in January of 2006, we have worked to preserve and protect this priceless collection that traces the 50 year career of a dedicated pioneer. With this exhibit, we are delighted to be sharing an extensive part of the archives with the public for the first time.

A special thanks to Carolyn Grant and Tatiana Sezinenko for their generous energy and thoughtful attention to telling a rich, fascinating story with an emphasis on accurately portraying Bob Moog as the toolmaker he so often described himself to be while giving careful consideration to the many people who make up the Moog Legacy. Thanks also to Brian Kehew who has worked (and will be working over the next six weeks!) tirelessly to help bring this exhibit to fruition. Finally, our deepest thank to Douglas Babb, who made the trek from Indiana to North Carolina five times (on his own dime) to help us sort out and understand Bob’s archives.

We encourage all of you who are in the San Diego area to attend this unique exhibit. It will be an excellent opportunity to share in the life and work of Bob Moog – and for all you gearheads out there, it will be a chance to see many rare, if not one-of-a-kind pieces. Come share in the legacy that continues to inspire!

Continue to check this blog and the museum’s website for updates.

Molly Kummerle Sharing Good Vibes at Mooged-Out at MoDaddy’s Bele Chere Afterparty This Saturday!

Molly Kummerle, also known as “Ruby Slippers” on the vibrant Asheville music scene, will be gracing the Mooged-Out stage at our Bele Chere After Party on July 25th. Molly is no stranger to Bob Moog Foundation events, having shared her  ethereal  jazz/hiprock vocals at Enter The Mind Of Moog in November 2007 and Enter the Mind of Moog:Bob’s Birthday Celebration in May 2009.  You can hear Molly performing “Give Me the Sun”, for which she wrote the lyrics, here and on “Me Have Fun” on our Mooged-Out: Asheville CD.

Molly Kummerle on the Mooged-Out Stage

Molly Kummerle on the Mooged-Out Stage -- Photo by Jon Leidel

Molly has garnered much critical success in the local scene with Stuart Gaines of the Mountain Xpress writing  that her performance is “stunning, if not plain sexy — jazz and rock sway. Her voice melts like butter across the room with microwaves ease, while vaguely evoking the best of Ani DeFranco or even Fiona Apple.”  Add an analog delay moogerfooger to that and the result is pure magic.

Molly’s connection goes well beyond lending her talents to our events — she is connected to our cause.

“It is an honor and an adventure in creativity to work with the Moog Foundation on this and all events.   As an artist, this is an opportunity to participate in something really special. It is a collaboration that brings together different backgrounds, influences, schools of music, technology and  improvisation, resulting in a living celebration of the true innovative spirit of Bob Moog.”

Molly Kummerle and Dave Hamilton -- Photo by Jon Leidel

Molly Kummerle and Dave Hamilton -- Photo by Jon Leidel

Molly will be performing from 11:15 to 12:00 with one of four Moog Foundation House Band’s,  “The Adaptors”.   The band will feature Chris Tanfield on guitar and theremin, Jeremy Ferguson on bass, Frank Bloom on drums, Franklin Keel on cello and John Paul Hess on keyboards. Dave Hamilton will be running them all through moogerfoogers from the front of house.

Come join Molly and all the other musicians as they get Mooged-Out, and raise their voices for the benefit of the Moogseum.  Tickets are on sale at MoDaddy’s for a $5 donation in advance and at the door. The event runs from 10pm to 2am.

To find out more about Molly, see her myspace page.

Mooged-Out at MoDaddy’s – Bele Chere After Party
July 11, 2009, 12:12 am
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On July 25, 2009 The Bob Moog Foundation will team up with a diverse selection of Asheville’s top musicians to assemble a Moog Foundation House Band for a funky Bele Chere after party laden in the sonic goodness of Moog instruments. The House Band, which will consist of members of Yo Mama’s Big Fat Booty Band, Eymarel, The Asheville Horns, Silver Machine, Jen and the Juice, and other talented Asheville artists, will perform using a custom-tailored setup of Moog instruments and effects provided by The Bob Moog Foundation. The band will be remixed live from the sound board by Bob Moog Foundation Creative Director Dave Hamilton, who will have a full array of Moog effect modules with which to bend, tweak and filter the sound.

“Remixing live music using Moogerfoogers is a wonderful hands on experience which requires top notch musicianship from the performers. We are lucky to have this pool of talent in Asheville.”

-Dave Hamilton

The performance will highlight the rich connection between these talented musicians and the expressive technology that made the Moog name a classic. This intimate evening offers an opportunity to witness the use of Moog equipment in the very capable hands of Asheville musicians, many of whom share a connection with the musical legacy of synthesizer pioneer Bob Moog.

Proceeds from this Mooged-Out event will assist The Foundation reach its goal of creating a Bob Moog Museum, or Moogseum, in Asheville. The Moogseum will house Bob Moog’s extensive archives, feature interactive instrument-based exhibits and serve as an educational, historical and cultural resource to Asheville and the wider music community. The Bob Moog Foundation was recently awarded a $600,000 grant by the Buncombe County Tourism Product Development Authority to construct the Moogseum. The foundation will soon launch a campaign to raise the remaining funding needed to create this multi-million dollar state-of-the-art facility.

This Mooged-Out event will take place from 10pm-2am at MoDaddy’s, 77 Biltmore Ave. (next door to The Orange Peel). Tickets are available at MoDaddy’s for a minimum donation of $5.

For more information contact Dave Hamilton, Creative Director, at or visit

Patrick Moraz’s Birthday Greetings
May 23, 2009, 10:30 am
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“Well, Dear Bob, wherever You are in the Cosmos, I wish You a very Happy Birthday and a great ride on the “centrifugal beaches of Infinity”, on Your Journey around and across the Universe!

It was so great to have had the pleasure to know you personally and to be able to work so closely with you on some of my projects and productions.
Fantastic to know that, 34 years ago, I was actually in Buffalo talking to you in the Moog Music factory, trying some new instruments the company had just created, like the Polymoog and the Macromoog, learning and “tweaking” some sounds for the upcoming Summer Tour with Yes and getting ready to record, after that Tour, my first solo-album, “I”, (a.k.a. “The Story of I”)!
You have definitely left an “indelible mark” on my mind and your sensitivity in all “things humans” always fascinated me, especially for a scientist and inventor of your caliber!
So, Happy 75th Birthday, my Friend!
Musically Yours!
With Love, Always………
Patrick Moraz

Patrick Moraz – Vintage Moog Photos and Reflections on “Change of Space”
May 23, 2009, 10:13 am
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In his rise as a virtuoso keyboardist in the mid-70s, Patrick Moraz worked closely with Bob on the early testing of the Polymoog and Macromoog. He visited the Moog Music factory, located in Williamsville, NY in 1975 as a musician consultant; in turn Bob visited Patrick in Switzerland to help Patrick with the programming and tweaking of the Polymoog for his upcoming solo album Story of I.

“…It was at the same time a miracle and a wonderful experience”, says Patrick, “that I was able to invite Bob Moog to Geneva, Switzerland, during the first several weeks of the recording and production of my first solo album “I” (a.k.a. “The Story of I”). Bob and I were able to work long hours in the studio, even sometimes during the night, and quite a lot of sounds and textures which are featured on the album came from those sessions. Bob was truly a genius in his own right, and he was always very calm and extremely dedicated to his art, his own inventions and to the future of electronic music as a whole! He also a great sense of humor! These were truly fantastic times!”

Today we are sharing a rare and wonderful photo of Bob and Patrick taken in 1975 behind Moog Music during that period of collaboration. Patrick has autographed 25 of these photographs  and donated 25 copies of  his new “Change of Space” CD in celebration of Bob’s birthday, which we are offering together for a $75.00 donation. All proceeds will go to support our Moogseum and Student Outreach projects.  Make your donation here. Thanks, Patrick, for your support!

Bob Moog and Patrick Moraz, 1975

Bob Moog and Patrick Moraz and the Macromoog, 1975

Here are a few more photos, discovered in Bob’s archives, that were taken during that same time period.

Patrick with Macromoog 1975

Patrick with Macromoog 1975

Bob and Patrick Tweaking the Polymoog

Bob and Patrick Tweaking the Polymoog

Bob working on Patrick's Polymoog

Bob working on Patrick's Polymoog

In February, Patrick released his most recent album “Change of Space”. Here is some information and history about the CD, in Patrick ‘s words:

” “COS”, as I call it, is a collection of songs and instrumental pieces never released as yet which I had the chance (the opportunity) to finish composing, recording, mixing and “polishing” over a period of about 14 years. Although I didn’t work on them “all the time” during that long period of time, these pieces reflect very much some of the music I have developed and recorded on my own as well as with other remarkable musicians. *

In the late 80’s and beginning of the 90’s I used to have my own recording studio in Hollywood, on the corner of Vine and Santa Monica Blvd. Since work was slow in “89” with the Moodies, I decided to do some sessions and also compose the music for the 700th Anniversary of my country of origin, Switzerland.

There was always a lot of cultural and ethnic activities on the premises, with all kinds of local musicians from all styles, like Bunny Brunel, bass player extraordinaire, Kazumi Watanabe, the famous guitarist from Japan, John Wackerman, from the Wackerman family of drummers associated with Frank Zappa’s various groups, Alex Ligertwood, former lead singer with Santana in the 80’s, and Alex Acuna, premier percussionist of Joe Zawinul’s group “Weather Report”. Some of the pieces, as mentioned earlier were recorded in Los Angeles, i.e. “Peace in Africa”, “Change of Space”, “The Power of Emotion” and Stellar Rivers & Streams of lucid dreams”.

The other pieces, the suite entitled “Sonique Prinz” in 3 movements and the very last piece of the album “Alien Spaces” I recorded on my own, playing all the instruments at Audio Playground in Orlando as well. In regards to the technical, sound engineering and mixing aspect of those recordings, I was helped over different sessions by Joseph Rivers, the co-owner of the studio at the time and Eric “Woody” Wood, a Full Sail alumni. Though the studio itself doesn’t physically exist any more, one could find more info added about it and some of the synthesizers available on the premises, as well as the recording gear and the mixing equipment.

In regards to the theme of the music itself, my music generally always has to do with some “causes” pertaining generally to Freedom, in all its facets, and to Change, change for a better world, change for a better situation, Awareness, Spirituality and the Cosmos!”

To read much more about “Change of Space”, go to Patrick’s websites, and He’ll be posting more about it soon! You can also check out his entire collection of available CDs on the Voiceprint website.

*Please Note : All original names i.e. Patrick Moraz solo Albums, Cds, Dvds and original projects names are all copyrighted (©) and “tm” (Trademarked) as well as “R” (Registered Copyright).


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